Sporty Sack

The Sporty Sack is the perfect bag for every Sportster. With so many Sportsters on the road we came up with a bag that will solve all of your storage needs - tools, paperwork, a hoodie, whatever. The design of this bag is big enough for storage but small enough to maintain the look of the bike. The sporty sack can be mounted in 2 ways, and is a universal fit to any Sportster on the road. You can use the adjustable leather straps to attach around the fender strut or the stationary straps with grommets attached to the fender strut bolts. The bag will fit 1957-2010 Sportster applications.  We have left, and right side in natural, black, or brown leather available. You can also choose brass or nickel hardware. It comes in two styles - tail light flap to leave room for your blinkers or full flap since some people like to remove the blinkers on their bike (see photos).

** Inside Out Option features exposed stitching and seams.


Disclaimer: Genuine Leather by its nature has some scratches/scars/color variation which reconfirms that its 100% pure and gives it a beautiful vintage look. Each bag will be a slightly different color shade than the photos provided, which makes each bag unique.